Inspirational Alkaline Wellness Experiences

Weight Loss Testimonials

Rachael King

As a bikini competitor, I used to spend hours in the gym every day lifting weights, eating very little, and doing an excessive amount of cardio (sometimes up to 8 miles of running a day)! This routine is great for my sport, but it's really hard on my body. When I'm not putting 100% into my workout, I spend the rest of the day totally exhausted. I'm sore, tired, and constantly waking up at all hours of the night. I normally don't feel great when I'm trying to lose weight. 7.2 products have changed all of that! I have increased energy, focus, endurance and strength during my workouts, and I can finally sleep at night! No more restless nights and groggy mornings! I wake up feeling great, ready to conquer the day and my workouts. Thanks SevenPoint2! I couldn't have won 1st in Novice and 1st place in Unlimited at the LA Championships without you!


Lost 21 pounds

SevenPoint2 changed my life! I am so close to reaching my weight loss goal of 21 Lbs (9 Kgs). I didn't realize how much I've transformed until I compared these pictures. The biggest changes have been in my face. I was always self conscious about having acne, a feeling I haven't experienced in over 2 months. I am so grateful, and I feel beautiful, radiant, healthy and balanced!


Lost 30 pounds

When I was introduced to SevenPoint2, I was unhealthy and ready for a change. After trying the 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens, I fell in love. I then decided to try the 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple program. This program has made it easy and convenient for me to get the right nutrition. Since taking the products, I have lost 30 Lbs (13.6 Kgs) and dropped from a 36 inch waist to a 32 inch waist. I feel better now than I have in years. Thank you SevenPoint2!


Lost 61 pounds

I've lost over 61 Lbs (27.7 Kgs) this past year and have kept it off thanks to the 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple program. It curbs my appetite and helps me feel energetic throughout the day. I'm a whole new woman inside and out!


Lost 35 pounds

Since starting the 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple program, I've lost over 35 Lbs (16 Kgs), built lean muscle, and have significantly more energy. I have more productive results from working out, greater mental clarity and more energy than ever before. I have always struggled with getting enough sleep, and constantly waking up throughout the night. In the first week of taking the 7.2 Alkaline Boosters before bed, I finally got a solid nights sleep. SevenPoint2 has been a huge blessing in my life.


Lost 72 pounds

I lost 72 Lbs (32.6 Kgs), and for the first time in my life I have a flat stomach! With the help of 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple, I was able to reach my goal weight of 175 Lbs (79 Kgs) in just 5 months! Initially, my goal was to use the 7.2 products for 60 days. By the end of the first week, I was noticing major improvement! I lost 8 lbs, but even better, I FELT GREAT! My energy level was through the roof, and I began walking everyday because I felt so energetic. I began eating light meals and continuing with one 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens a day, 7.2 Recovery before and after workouts and 7.2 Alkaline Boosters at night. The 7.2 products are what kept me on track to reach my goal.


Lost 40 pounds

When I found SevenPoint2, I was depressed and 40 Lbs (18 Kgs) overweight. Having just come through the loss of my father to cancer, I was desperate for better health and in great need of something to refocus my life. About that time, I was introduced to SevenPoint2 and decided to try the products. I received my products in December, and by the end of January I stepped on the scale 40 Lbs (18 Kgs) lighter and sleeping well for the first time in nineteen years. I feel 10 years younger and wake up every morning with a new outlook on life!


Lost 40 pounds

The SevenPoint2 Health Made Simple program is easy-to-follow since the 7.2 Greens and 7.2 Shake powders travels well and can easily be mixed with water. The 7.2 products taste good and make me feel great. Through the combination of weight loss and additional health benefits of the 7.2 alkaline products, the program has positively impacted my life by providing natural energy and more confidence because I feel better overall every day. The kids are always amazed by how much energy I have to just keep going. I can outlast them and I’m twice their age!” The program is more than a weight loss plan - it’s a lifestyle change and one that you won’t regret making. The reward of weight loss and feeling better is amazing. Plus winning the 2015 Celebrate 7 Weight Loss Contest Grand Prize and making lifelong memories is an added bonus.

Cynthia Banuelos

Lost 16 pounds

The SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program helps me make better choices and eat healthier. I have lost 16 lbs so far and feel great! I feel half my age and am happier than I have ever been! The program is easy to follow and the quality of the products are amazing. I have a lot more energy and I don’t feel as stressed! With the help of Alkaline Booster, I’m sleeping better. I also love that my children take the Shakes and Alkaline Booster and they experience the difference! Loving and taking care of my family has always been a priority, so the quality of what they put into their bodies is really important to me. SevenPoint2 has impacted my life is such a positive way. Thank you SevenPoint2!

Terrie McDowell

Lost 10 pounds

I have lost 10 lbs with the help of the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program. I take all of the 7.2 products but especially love the Shake! I feel healthy and so much more energetic. I'm only five pounds away from my goal weight, and because the 7.2 products are so effective plus the Weight Loss Made Simple program is so easy to follow, I know I will get there!

Mark Ashcroft

Lost 13 pounds

I’ve lost 13 pounds with the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple Program. The 7.2 Shake is delicious and the simplicity of the program has made it really easy to follow. Prior to my weight loss, even tying my shoelaces was difficult because of the extra pounds I was carrying in my stomach area. My job is quite physical, and although I’ve always been an active person, my poor eating choices kept me overweight. That’s not a problem any longer with SevenPoint2. In fact, my wife and I just completed a military-style obstacle course. With the help of the 7.2 products and support team, I’ve been able to change my old unhealthy pattern and now I feel great!

Ron Pimentel

Lost 17 pounds

I’m a huge fan of SevenPoint2 due to the benefits of the 7.2 products and the wonderful people associated with this dynamic company! I was given a sample of 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® and my exposure to the product was so positive that I wanted to learn more. A few days later I enrolled as a SevenPoint2 Independent Associate. I love the benefits of the SevenPoint2 Health Made Simple program! I have increased energy, physical flexibility and a more positive mindset which has led me to lose 17 pounds. I’ve comfortably kept off the weight and am over halfway to my goal of 30 pounds. I believe it was perfect timing when my friend introduced me to SevenPoint2, not only because of the great products but also because of the financial opportunity the company offers their Associates. With this opportunity I hope to achieve my financial goals which include having my daughter be able to attend the college of her choice. A dream come true for both of us!

Randy Lewis

Lost 25 pounds

I started the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program approximately 2 months ago, and have lost 25 pounds. Ideally, I hope to lose another 50 pounds, but my end goal is to be at a healthy, sustainable weight. The SevenPoint2 programs and 7.2 products are user-friendly, easy-to-follow and removes all the guesswork for monitoring intake. Prior to starting 7.2, I was working out regularly, eating fairly healthy (or so I thought), and still not getting the desired results. The SevenPoint2 Kick Start Program really got me on the right track and is definitely a positive impact on my life. I never experience the hunger pangs I got with other weight loss plans. I’ve given up coffee, I have more energy, and most importantly, I have a general sense of feeling better.

Robin Kemper

Lost 15 pounds

I have lost 15 pounds total and started with the 7-Day Kickstart Program. I tried diet and exercise alone but nothing helped until I was introduced to the 7.2 products and the very easy-to-follow program. Taking the progress pictures and seeing my results is very rewarding. I feel better physically and certainly more confident in my appearance. I am a work in progress but I know I will get there with the help of SevenPoint2

Tammy Lynn

Lost 17 pounds

My friend shared SevenPoint2 with me almost a year ago when I was looking for a change. At the time, I had been with a different company for 17 years as a loyal customer taking 14 different products and still not feeling great. I was battling extra weight, and was also tired, stressed, anxious, inactive, lacking self-confidence, suffering from digestive issues plus hormonal ﹘ I was a mess! My journey with SevenPoint2 has helped every concern I had plus I have lost 17 pounds and have kept it off with the amazing 7.2 product line that works! I have begun playing racquetball with my husband, I have shared my story in videos and on phone calls, plus recently started school, which is a dream I have had for a long time! This is all possible because of SevenPoint2. With an equally amazing business opportunity, SevenPoint2 is paying for my school and paid for a family vacation. The character and integrity of the Executive Team and the many Team Leaders who have encouraged and helped me grow to where I am today is so impressive. I continue to grow and share SevenPoint2 with everyone I meet - it is who I am! I am so thankful this company is an answer to my prayers. I will be a part of SevenPoint2 for a lifetime.

Christina Gredler

Lost 8 pounds

I have already lost 8 pounds and I am excited to continue losing more weight with the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program! I love the ease of the program so I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat. I am more confident and love getting outside. I want to finally lose all the weight I want to so that my kids will hopefully follow that example of a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer H.

Lost 30 pounds

My total weight loss to date is 30 pounds with the SevenPoint2 Weight loss Made simple program! It helps me by doing exactly what it says - makes it SIMPLE. For me, that's half the battle. I had health issues and tried expensive diets, prescription diet pills and juice fasts, but the costs, all the prep work, the hassle of logging food and counting calories, counting carbs, checking every label for ingredients, it's just really too hard. With 7.2, it is SO simple. I replace 2 meals a day with the Shake, take my 7.2 supplements and eat a healthy dinner. With 7.2 products, there’s no special equipment and no fridge needed. Recovery with HydroFX has been a big part of becoming more active. With the extra weight, I had joint discomfort and I hated working out because my muscles would get so sore. Recovery with HydroFX helps me feel better post-workout. I’m not even 40 years old yet but with my health scares, I want to be alive to see my daughters grow up. I want to be a good example of how to take charge of your life and take care of your body. I needed to change not just for my kids, but for ME. SevenPoint2 is more than a diet. It's a lifestyle. The biggest thing I have noticed is just how much energy I have to get moving! Instead of sleeping 8-10 hours a night and then taking another 2 hours of drinking coffee just to wake up, I now sleep for about 6 hours and hop out of bed refreshed and without joint discomfort thanks to the Alkaline Boosters! SevenPoint2 has actually brought my family closer together, we are getting healthy as a family, and that's the best thing about this program!

John Lawrence

Lost 44 pounds

I am 52 years old and I have struggled with my weight all my life. Fluctuating from 256 pounds to 185 pounds and anywhere in between for years. In April of 2016, I made the decision to get healthy with SevenPoint2. Just five months later, I am down 44 pounds and I never felt like I was on a diet. I love the 7.2 products and programs! With the full raw nutrition of the Shake and Greens, I felt more satisfied during the day so I ate less. I love the way the Alkaline Booster helps me sleep and helps to balance my pH level. Recovery with HydroFX has also been amazing. I have more energy and can work and play longer than ever before. Thank you SevenPoint2 for giving me the tools I needed to lose the weight and keep it off!

Annmarie G.

Lost 8 pounds

I lost 8 lbs so far from just using the delicious Shake as my daily breakfast. My two year old son loves the Shake, too, and it makes me so happy that he is eating something healthy! I definitely experience an increase in my energy level and make me experience less joint discomfort. The program is easy to follow and helps set me up for better eating choices. I am so glad I found SevenPoint2 and look forward to losing more weight.


Lost 28 pounds

At 5'3", I was at what I thought was my perfect weight of 147 Lbs (66.7 Kgs). I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin, but when I saw pictures of myself on stage at a National Convention I thought "OK, I can stand to lose 15-20 Lbs (6.8 - 9.1 Kgs)". Using the 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple program consistently curbed my appetite and I lost 28 Lbs (12.7 Kgs). I love the way I look and feel! Thank you SevenPoint2.

Brenda Arico

Lost 8 pounds

Since being the Weight Loss Made Simple program I have lost 8 pounds. My goal is to feel comfortable in my own skin. The 7.2 products help me support my weight loss goals and has given me so much energy. The program has been very easy to follow. The Shake and Greens are my favorite products and it helps that the Shake tastes very good. My weight loss has helped me gain more confidence in myself. I am so much more active and have so much more energy. I am definitely a better role model for my family because of my success with SevenPoint2!

Tom Connolly

Lost 10 pounds

Since starting the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program I have lost over 10 pounds and feel more energetic and get better sleep at night. I’m much more confident when walking down the street or while I’m at work. I can’t believe the results when I see my progress photos. I’ve been more active since starting the program and work out 6 days a week and go hiking on the weekends as well. During my weight loss journey I’ve inspired many friends my bootcamp to try the 7.2 products and they’re getting amazing results as well! I’ve tried many different protein powders over the years and 7.2 Shake is definitely one of the best tasting.

Loretta Danzey

Lost 10 pounds

I've lost 10 pounds and that result alone gives me motivation to continue my weight loss journey with SevenPoint2. The 7.2 products and Weight Loss Made Simple program are amazing and are great weight loss tools. I love the Shake, it’s a delicious, easy way to get everything into my body that it needs without the guesswork.

Corey Enman

Lost 15 pounds

The SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program is such a blessing! It’s super simple and the 7.2 products taste great. I have lost a total of 15 pounds. The program has helped me stay focused and also save some money from not eating out so much! The program is quick and easy which is essential for me since I own a couple bootcamp franchises, coach high school football and have four kids. I am always busy and don’t have time for a complicated program. Before Sevenpoint2, I was using tons of caffeine products all the time to keep me going every day yet I was still tired all of the time. My energy was terrible and I was recovering much slower from all my fitness activities. Since following the Weight Loss Made Simple program, I have had more energy without ANY caffeine. SevenPoint2 has helped me in every aspect of my life and I am so grateful for the company.


Lost 23 pounds

I started the SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program because I was having health problems. Since losing 23 pounds, I am much more active, energetic and much more confident. I have also noticed that in my work out classes I can do much more than I could before. My favorite product is the delicious 7.2 protein Shake. It makes me feel full which stops me from eating the bad foods I used to eat. Once I started feeling good and seeing results it made me motivated more than ever to reach my weight loss goals.

Product Testimonials

Cassey Lynn

I was introduced to the 7.2 products in July 2015. I had been struggling with losing weight and experiencing discomfort in my feet and knees. During my first 3 days of using the 7.2 products, I lost 3 pounds and found that the products supports my joints, increases my energy, and I continue to lose weight. These products amaze me and they are products that I will take forever. The simplicity of the 7.2 products is what makes them so effective, not to mention Dr. Cohn and his team have put together mind-blowing products that are top of the line. So many people I know seem to oddly enjoy dieting, or fasting often, and I have a product that I know I will see results with inside and out and get the absolute best nutrition for my body. It works from the inside out and has lasting results. I never feel guilty for having a dessert or “bad” meal once in awhile because I know I have products that work and will balance me out for the next day. When you want to change your health and your lifestyle, it’s not just on one week or month and off the next, you have to find something to stick with for a lifetime and SevenPoint2 are my lifetime products. I am so thankful to be a part of a company and team that cares so much about people and this world.

Chris Gredler

I began taking 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® after my wife joined SevenPoint2. I noticed a difference in my workouts right away. I had been doing CrossFit for about a year and within a week of starting 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX I can lift more weights and finish my workouts faster. I decided to try the rest of the 7.2 products. I was finally able to lose the stubborn 8 pounds that I have been trying to lose for 20 years! I then decided to give the Spartan race a try. I ran my first race, the Montana Beast on a Saturday, and then a sprint the next day. Seven weeks later I ran the Utah Super, followed by the Boise Sprint. I placed in the top 5 for the Montana races, Utah was second and Boise first! I love how the 7.2 products help me improve my performance and recover quickly after my workouts.

Judith Ritz

I joined 7.2 some time ago and have never looked back! I don’t let a day go by without taking 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX. It helps support my joints and my stamina is great! I play hockey and have a physically demanding job yet I'm 53 years old and going strong!

Jillian Moss

As an avid sportsman all my life, I was devastated when I was struck down in my early 20’s with a health challenge. I lived for decades with unimaginable suffering, despair and kept a very strict diet routine. My life took a wonderful turn for the better when I was introduced to SevenPoint2. I can say without equivocation that the 7.2 products simplified my life tenfold. I especially love how easy the program is and the amazing taste of the 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens. 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® is my 'genie in a bottle' and 7.2 Alkaline Booster has helped me with the natural sleep I was lacking. I feel better now than I did in my early years. I am in my late 60’s and have more energy than most, still work a full day, play golf and walk the course carrying my bag. This company has given me the opportunity to pay it forward to people who may be in a similar situation. I cannot thank enough all involved with SevenPoint2.

Laura Farago

My husband and I started taking the 7.2 products two months ago. At the time, I had discomfort, lack of energy and poor sleep quality. I feel so much better now! My husband no longer has stomach discomfort and his endurance at the gym has really improved. Thank you SevenPoint2!

Kristina Snodgrass

I started using 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® about six months ago. The thought of having better sleep and more energy really appealed to me! I have been a runner for the last 5 years, and now for the first time, I feel like I have the energy and strength to really push myself. I have set a goal of running races every month, and some months, I will compete in multiple events. I’m training over 6 hours a week and fueling my body properly is so important. In the past I've always run just for fun. Running is still fun, but now I have started to place at races in my age group! Thank you SevenPoint2 for giving my body the nutrition it needs to endure hours of running and for the ability to recover faster. 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX is amazing! Sevenpoint2 also helps me reach goals I have set for myself in other areas of my life!

Derreth P

I found myself at 49 years old, tired and with about 15 pounds more than I had ever had in my life, when I was first introduced to the 7.2 product line. I drink the 7.2 Shake in the morning to ensure I had a good level of protein going into the day. I did this religiously for about two weeks, and the Shake actually maintained my energy level until late into the lunch hour. I wasn’t tired, and I didn’t feel like I needed another cup of coffee. An added bonus was that I noticed a gradual but steady loss of weight. After about 3 weeks and 7 pounds gone, I noticed that my “good” curves were coming back! I have more consistent energy and feel healthier now that I don’t have those added pounds. I’m lovin’ it!

Professional Testimonials

Fred Funk

SevenPoint2 products give me a competitive edge," said professional golfer Fred Funk praising the new 7.2 RECOVERY with HydroFX® after becoming a sponsor for the alkaline company last April. Funk's athletic career spans 32 years beginning in 1981 when he turned professional. He joined the PGA Tour in 1989 and the Champions Tour in 2006. He has a total of 22 professional wins. His best game results include a T17 for the Masters Tournament in 1997, a T66 for the Open Championship in 2006, a T4 for the PGA Championship in 2002, and getting a 6th for the U.S. Open in 2004. Furthermore, Funk is regarded as one of the shortest drivers in todays PGA Tour but has the highest accuracy statistics in the last 14 years.

Linda Cohn

Legendary ESPN Sportscaster

“I’m in my late 50’s and I don’t hide my age. It’s out there, just go online. When I turned 40 I made a big decision to really be concerned about what I put in my body and how much I work out. I play hockey, and I’m always active, but not obsessively active. The lifestyle change combined with the 7.2 products really helped me stay vibrant emotionally, physically, mentally.'”

Karsten Williams

American Ninja Warrior

“True health comes from real nutrition. I just want quality ingredients. Consuming a lot of organic, plant-based nutrition is the key to optimal health. The 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens help me get more of that organic, health-promoting goodness in my diet. Keeping it 100%, this company is doing it right and I respect that.”

Lukas ‘Wildrok’ Bellesini of Justice Crew

Australia’s Got Talent Winner

“We are proud and pumped to jump on board with SevenPoint2 to promote healthy and happy living. We love that the 7.2 product line has top of the range organic, vegan and non-GMO options! Let the good times flow!”

Karsten Williams

American Ninja Warrior

“I'm really impressed with the quality and health benefits of the SevenPoint2 product line. Recovery with HydroFX really helps with my energy and recovery.”

Dr. Denise Ruiz, M.D.

“I was one of those doctors who believed more in traditional medicine (synthetics) than homeopathic or “natural” alternatives. I was taught in medical school about evidence-based medicine so when I was first introduced to SevenPoint2 I was skeptical. I set out to do my own research on molecular hydrogen and test the 7.2 products.

After watching both of my parents plus my son have such amazing success with 7.2 products, I decided it was my turn to give the 7.2 products a try. I had been having a difficult time recovering from an injury, and the medication I had been taking wasn’t working plus plus it was upsetting my stomach, so I decided to try the Alkaline Trio Pack. I noticed results very quickly without any side effects.

As a Pediatric Cardiologist, I am involved in the care of children suffering with heart problems. Thanks to these wonderful 7.2 products, I am now able to share my experience with my patients and their their families, and hopefully help them to feel better and live healthier, fuller lives.”

Feryl York

Mrs. Iowa U.S.A.

“I’m very thankful for the 7.2 products and what they do for my overall health and well-being. I am so excited to discover a company that supports my mission and passion with products I believe in.”

Southern California female cross country runner

One of the top running coaches in Southern California heard a female cross country runner taking Recovery with HydroFX® and decided to try an experiment with his own runners. He had two elite high school runners that he worked with daily. In the last three races these two runners had finished almost exactly sixty seconds apart. He gave the slower one six Recovery with HydroFX® per day for six days. Nothing else changed in all of their workout routine. Amazingly the slower runner was only 20 seconds behind in the next race. He made up 40 seconds on his fellow runner!

Anna Genevieve Colbaugh

I put the SevenPoint2 Shake and SevenPoint2 Greens together in a glass every morning before practice. I feel more energetic before, during and after work outs and I feel like I can go longer working out. I would definitely encourage other rowers and athletes to at least try the product and just see if they feel healthier and stronger, because it could make a difference in performance and make them feel more confident and positive about their abilities and health, which is so important and not just physically but also emotionally.

Coach Danny Harris

Women's Head Rowing Coach - University of California, Irvine

At the beginning of the season Anna was one athlete on the fence of making the top boat. She came in at 171 lbs and in mild shape at 5'11". She was anemic and not on a nutritional plan. She often sick and fatigued. I introduced the Sevenpoint2 system of SevenPoint2 Shake , SevenPoint2 Greens, and Recovery with H HydroFX® to Anna. She immediately felt more strength, stamina and started losing weight. She went from coming in the middle of the pack to finishing in the lead. Anna has lost over 15lbs and increased her power output by over 30%. She has a leaner figure and greater muscle tone. She can push harder on the ergo machines and is the top time. She has earned the stroke seat of our eight and lead us to a major upset of a huge rival.

Chris Wehan

Southern California

I am a high level soccer player who went to the clinic with sever hip soreness and stiffness. I have been diagnosed with tight hip flexors for years. I got treated with a soft tissue technique called ART(active release technique) and started Recovery with HydroFX® and SevenPoint2 greens caps. Within 10 days the tight feeling in my hip flexors was gone and mydifference in speed when playing soccer was amazing. Later that season I won conference USA freshman of the year award!

Equine Testimonials

Patrick Flaherty

2016 High Roller Reining Classic Open Derby Level 2 Champion & Reserve Champion and Level 3 Reserve Champion

Ten days in Las Vegas for a show is a long time but our horses were still able to perform at their peak ability because of Equine with HydroFX.

Kristin Titov, Kristin Darnall-Titov

2015 N.R.H.A. Top 20 Non Pro

Typically my mare will be over-exerted by the end of a week-long show, causing her to not be at her best in the finals of the event. So I gave her Equine with HydroFX and throughout the entire week-long show she felt great! I am absolutely amazed at the difference it made using Equine with HydroFX!

Jennifer Neel

N.R.H.A. and N.R.C.H.A. Non Pro

My horse had back-to-back stand-out performances at the High Roller Reining Classic winning the Level 1 Non Pro Derby and Reserve Champion in the Level 2 Non Pro Derby. And again at the Hackamore Classic, held in conjunction with the Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno. My mare has been given Equine with HydroFX since June, which I attribute to my mare’s newfound focus and higher performance levels.

Mindy Barkemeyer

2016 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Non Pro Limited Futurity Champion

The impressive results continue for our horses with the help of Equine with HydroFX! They are performing better than they ever have and I’m convinced this product contributes to the successes. The NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity is an endurance test that doesn't just begin when you get to the show. Having my three year old horse on Equine with HydroFX before and during the futurity gave us the competitive edge we needed to come out on top.

Chris Pratt

Southern California and Canadian Equestrian Team Member and Top Horse Riding Trainer

I’m overwhelmed with the positive results! These major improvements and amazing results are unheard of with any horse. To change a jumping form this significantly is next to impossible. The top performer riders of these horses are making extraordinary comments. I am beyond excited!

Terry Pereira

Canada Manager of Quaker Valley Farm and Top Horse Trainer

Thanks to Equine with HydroFX, within 24 hours, we noted an overall increase in the horse’s jumping abilities, especially in the use of his hindquarters. The horse was able to jump the 1.5m level effortlessly, with a clear round.

Brad Barkemeyer

2016 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Intermediate and Open finalist

My horse’s first-time experience of Equine with HydroFX, I noticed that after being shown in the open and non pro futurity preliminaries, as well as two open finals (for a total of twelve runs in 15 days), my horse was healthy and happy from start to finish.

Erin Howard

Head Horse Trainer and Rider at Quaker Valley Farm

Equine with HydroFX® is incredible! The horses are more quiet, focused and can do their job easier because the feel so much better. I can say for sure that this product makes a huge positive difference in the horses' demeanor and performance.

Business Opportunity Testimonials

Tara Macias


I chose to build my business with SevenPoint2 because I am confident that SevenPoint2 is an alkaline wellness leader in the world, empowering good health & financial freedom for those who choose to embrace it. The relationship and trust I have built through the years with my leaders, mentors and team of Associates makes SevenPoint2 a natural choice. SevenPoint2 has helped me overcome many personal obstacles. I can now look people in the eye, have a positive energy and confident every time I speak. My family, friends and people I respect are taking notice of the difference in me. Attending training and events has helped me to understand the business quickly and take action.

Lucia Bayot


I chose to be a part of the SevenPoint2 business because I love the 7.2 products and realized the extra income could help my family in ways we never experienced before. Since joining SevenPoint2, my life has changed because I can provide for my family which makes them healthy and happy. I have more time to spend with my loved ones and I don’t have to worry anymore about how I’m going to buy them the things they need like I used to.!

Adrian and Hayley Peak


One of the best things that I am finding with SevenPoint2 is helping people, which it does not feel like work at all – when you truly love and are passionate about what you are doing you don’t tire. The best reward is that you are helping others each day and truly making a difference in their lives. It is such an awesome reward to feel that you help facilitate the change and difference in people in regards to their financial freedom and health.

Hector Paraba


The primary factor that made me choose to build a business with SevenPoint2 is the opportunity to create a legacy income and to create a dream lifestyle I want for my family. Secondarily, it is to tap into the rapid growing wellness industry and be able to help people get healthier and live the life they love.

Julie Peach


After saying “no” to about 20 businesses, I said “yes” to SevenPoint2! The business is easy to learn and the 7.2 products make such a positive difference in my health. I appreciate finding a company with such heart and integrity, that has a proven system to support and train everyone, and where I can stay true to myself. Thank you SevenPoint2 for creating this amazing company with amazing products.

Corey Enman


I have been into fitness and athletics my entire life. I currently own two bootcamp franchises and one of the things I pride myself on is our attention to our client’s nutrition to complement our amazing workouts. I have been searching for a nutrition supplement company to include in my fitness program for over 12 years and finally found SevenPoint2 to recommend to my clients. Compared to the thousands of other products that have so many different products and artificial ingredients, it was a no-brainer for me to add 7.2 products to my business and my life. I love how simple SevenPoint2 makes it to use the products with their Health & Weight Loss Made Simple Programs. Thank you SevenPoint2 for developing a product and a community that we can all be proud of!

Jessica Albuquerque


I said “yes” to the SevenPoint2 business opportunity for one reason – my husband. I would watch him leave for work extremely early every morning and only returning late into the evening hating his job. I watched this routine destroy his health, negatively impact our marriage and his relationship with our children. I said “yes” to the SevenPoint2 business opportunity so that he could transition out of that job into a job he loves. This company has given us so much more than just an additional income source, it has given us the chance to work together, challenge each other and grow with each other. We are better in our relationships, and ultimately better as individuals and as parents.

Jed Buytrago


I made the decision right away to share the SevenPoint2 opportunity of health and wealth. I connect to the people that I know and that they know and so on. I never experienced these kind of results before. I am amazed with the development of my SevenPoint2 business and I credit it to the amazing 7.2 products. I made the right decision to join SevenPoint2 and my past failures in life are just all part of the process in order to get the kind of success that I want. I took that leap of faith and am amazed with the results.

Junilyn Dabalos


Before SevenPoint2, I previously worked at another company and built the organization for 3 years to the best of my ability. One day a friend of mine introduced me to the 7.2 products. It changed my life. I joined SevenPoint2 to build a business and use the best products in the world. I lean on my greatest inspirations, who are my three children. I am a widowed parent and I want to give the best education and life for them and doing it all with a flexible schedule. Sevenpoint2 gives me the light and hope not just for me but for my beloved kids, too.

Michael Saunders


When my wife, Aniana, was first introduced to SevenPoint2, we were immediately impressed with the vision of the company and the revolutionary alkaline wellness products. The business opportunity allows us to regain our dreams which we thought was not possible before. Sharing SevenPoint2 with our friends and watching them follow their dreams, too, has been very rewarding to both of us. Our health has improved from using the 7.2 products and we are helping many of our friends realize better health as well.